Business Activities

DesignConstruction of Fire Suppression System

Fire hydrant(Indoor/Outdoor), Sprinkler, Foam, HALON, Co2, Nitrogen, Dry Chemical, Drencher, Fire Dept, Connection,
Duct Fire Extinguisher

DesignConstruction of Alarm Systems

Automatic/Manual Fire Alarm, Emergency Alarm, Gas Leak Alarm, Electric Leakage Alarm

DesignConstruction of Fire BarrierSmoke Control System

Smoke Exhaust /Ventilation System. Fire Shutter

DesignConstruction of Low Voltage Electric Systems

Emergency Announce System, (Interphone), Telephone System,
Nurse Call System, LAN/TV Electric Work, TV Antenna, and Eliminate Construction for TV Signal Wave.

DesignConstruction of Evacuation Systems

Life chute(Perpendicular, Inclined) Descending lifeline,
Escape Slide, Illumination for Escape, and Emergency Lighting System.

Fire Equipment and Materials

Fire Extinguisher, Fire House, Airsol type Extinguisher, Extinguishing Equipment, Fire Pump, Fire Engine, Residential Alarm, Various Suppression Agents, and ID Sign.

Labor Safety Appliances

Toxic Mark, Dust Mark, Goggles, Air Aspirator, Protector Clothes (Toxic, Chemical)and, Hard Hat

Disaster Materials(Fire ProtectionEscape)

Storage of Fire Materials, Tent, Toilet, Water Purifier,
Electric Generator, Floodlight Blanket Package,
Preserved Food, Engine Cutter, Rescue Equipment,
Water Rescue Equipment, and Power Demolition Tool,

Burglar Alarm Devices

Monitoring Camera, Passive Sensor, Entry Control System, Emergency Alarm System, Picking Protection, Burglar Buzzer, Physically Protector, Metal Detector, and Bio-Chemical Weapon Detector

Physically Handicapped Person's Equipment

Scheduled Inspection and Maintenance under the regulation,
Repair, Restoration
Fire Protection Evaluation

Physically Handicapped Person's Equipment

Touch panel for voice Guide, Voice Guide System, Touch Sensor, Raised Letter ID, Indication Panel Manufacture, and Raised Letter Reader SPEACHOsale.


  • Scheduled Inspection of Building Facilities(Emergency Lighting System, Ventilation System, Smoke Exhaust System, and Water Supply and Drainage)
  • Scheduled Inspection of Special Structures
  • Scheduled Inspection and Maintenance of Stored Materials and Apparatinces to be utilized at disaster
  • Planning and Designing of Facilities Renovation
  • Fire Protection Consultation and Evaluation
  • Regulatory Inspection of Fire Protection Systems

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